waiting waiting…

It occurred to me that we’ve gone a bit quiet on the blog and facebook page and I thought I’d better update you all on what’s been happening in the background.

Puffin is looking great – in the last few weeks Frazer has got the new oars done and I’ve finished and fitted the new rudder and tiller and varnished the gunwhales about a billion times.  The swallows in the shed are doing their level best to redecorate the new paintjob with many small, post-modern additions and so we’ve moved her to Norman’s shed to fit the buoyancy bags and finalise the seating.

The main hold-up and reason that we’re going nowhere fast is that the production guys that have been filming us for the last wee while have been pitching their taster video (which I hope to be able to upload here soon for you all to enjoy/laugh at us) to a couple of channels to see if they want to commission a programme.  They’ve done a fantastic job and have generated considerable interest but that inevitably means lots of extra work for them and a bit of a nightmare in terms of planning for us.  I think we’ll get some news either good or bad in the next week or so which I’ll share with you without delay dear reader.

Our initial plan was, of course, to start at some point in May but given the level of winds that we’ve been experiencing in the last month I’m actually a bit relieved that the TV element has pushed back the start!  I’m looking forward to the Mediterranean Summer that’s bound to start any day now…..

scottish summer