Bad times

Well what with one thing and another it seems that we won’t be completing the row this year.  Its a great shame but the project isn’t dead in the water and I hope to have some news on how it’s going to progress very soon.  Frazer wrote a nice bit for the facebook page so being the proactive blogger I am, I have copied and pasted it below the video.

On the plus side you can now watch the pitch video that the wonderful girls and guys at Maverick made, which will undoubtedly cheer you up/make you giggle/make you shout irately at the lubberly talk.  I look forward to all the ‘feedback’ about our performance at the next regatta 😉

It was, as Frazer says, a real pleasure working with these folks and the lovable crew. It felt pretty surreal at times and I’m glad the shower scene was left on the cutting room floor (at least I hope it’s on the floor) but overall it was great fun.

Fear not though, Puffin is ready for action and we didn’t do all that work for nothing!

Frazer writes…

“Dear Rowing friends
An update on the ‘Skiff Around Scotland Adventure’….
Apologies for the lack of updated information over the past weeks, I am sad to say the adventure won’t be taking place in 2015, for a number of reasons the voyage will need to be done another time.
It has taken me a good few weeks to wrestle with aspects of disappointment, frustration and irritation with regards the realisation that we won’t have the opportunity to row together around Scotland, an opportunity to achieve something meaningful as a collective, sadly missed this year.
I would like to thank all those that have supported the initiative, those with warm words of encouragement and those of you that shared their expertise and experiences. I have learnt a lot, met inspirational people and enjoyed the process of making a TV Documentary Pilot with an excellent production company …(Take a look at the attachment, copyright Maverick TV)
I am sure the adventure will be met in the future, Puffin is prepped and capable after all
Ian and I have really appreciated your interest and the time you’ve taken to support the adventure. We will hopefully meet many of you during the regatta season and beyond.

Take care, row hard and keep-in-time,

Warm Regards