what brutes

Flip and Sand

One of the things we wanted to get out of the way asap was the sand and repaint of the underside.  Once this is done we can flip her back over and get cracking with the new buoyancy bulkheads, seats, beer holders and all that good stuff.  Taking Puffin off the trailer and flipping her over was not a job for 2 men (however buff and manly those men undoubtedly are) so we roped in some of our club mates who want to row with us on some legs of the journey.

Armed with the raw power of North Berwick’s finest men we flip-reversed the skiff in no time and got her sanded to provide a key for the new paint.  The existing colour scheme is ok but we’re going to change it to Bondi Blue with a white trim to evoke the spirit of the Saltire and give a nod to our own club colours.  She’ll need a couple of coats but I suspect she’ll look awesome in a short space of time.

After she’s dried it’ll be another flip then the inner paint job which is going to be a lot more time-consuming with lots of nooks and crannies to sand first. We make progress!