top coat

Hull top coat

Despite the season’s best intentions it was a pleasant Spring day yesterday so we made the most of the ambient temperature and got the first of the two top-coats onto Puffin’s hull.  There’s so much more to focus on than the change of colour (which we’re really happy with) but seeing her in her new outfit makes it feel like Puffin has undergone a bit of a rebirth.  We’re not perfectionists about the painting – she’s going to be hauled up on beaches and slipways and this invariably means scratches and scrapes – but we do want to make a good job of the finish and so there are a few runs and dribbles that will need sanded off before the final coat.  The yellow strip below the gunwhales will be white when we’re done and hopefully the combination with the deep blue hull will evoke a Saltire-ish feel.

For the purposes of practising video documention (but mainly to avoid the lion’s share of the painting) I filmed a few bits and pieces and stitched them together with some redneck music – it felt appropriate.