Frazer Macdonald Hay.

Frazer has been passionate about kayaking and rowing for over twenty years, a passion which started with two second-hand fibreglass kayaks rescued from under a bramble bush near Denny. These two scruffy and well loved vessels supported him whilst learning the skills of sea kayaking on the south coast of England. After many years and only one kayak upgrade Frazer began sea kayaking around parts of Skye, the East Coast, the Great Glen. Frazer has raced as part of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue team in the 24hr Bristol to Windsor kayak race and won his class and in the Glasgow to Edinburgh paddle Challenge 7 years ago. Frazer has been a member of the Scottish Coast Rowing community for 6 years and has enjoyed many team successes all around Scotland.

Ian Baird

Ian discovered coastal rowing in 2012 when he was entered in a rugby club team for an evening of skiff racing. Ian loves the happy community atmosphere of coastal rowing as well as the competitive aspect of the regattas. He won 2 silver medals at the first ever Skiff World Championships in 2013 and aims to get a better colour at the next World’s in 2016.

“One of the real triumphs of the coastal rowing project is that a few planks of wood and some determined folk have given us all a whole new group of friends from across the country that we would never have otherwise met. Like a big, noisy family we visit each other’s home towns and villages to race and in doing so have been to some of the most beautiful and idyllic parts of Scotland, some of which I’d never heard of. In a time when small communities have lost much of their former closeness and spirit, the construction and racing of these skiffs has brought a real diversity of people together with a common goal and forged lasting friendships…….unless they beat us of course.”

Circumnavigating Scotland in a wooden rowing boat