Picking up Puffin from Johnny

We’ve got a boat!

Although we’re part of the fantastic North Berwick Rowing Club which has built and races 3 St Ayles skiffs, we needed a skiff that could be customised and tinkered with for our expedition.  Step in Johnny Johnston from Eyemouth who was trying to find a new home for Puffin – a skiff they had built for St Abbs Rowing Club that is no longer used.

Johnny is a real character.  He’s originally from Port Seton and after a spell in the merchant navy spent most of his life as a fisherman operating out of Eyemouth.  He has been a driving force in promoting the St Ayles skiff and was really keen to get involved with our project.  We’re delighted that he’s offered to either cox or follow us with his reconditioned fishing boat “Good Hope” for the first leg from Eyemouth to North Berwick.

We nipped down with Gareth’s pickup to collect Puffin and she’s now safely esconced in Ian’s tractor shed.  Condition looks good although we’re a bit worried that she was stored outside with no cover for a couple of years before being dried off. We’ll soon see if this has caused any rot!